Working and Employment opportunities in Sweden

Sweden is the third largest country in Europe in land size yet its population is less than 10 million living mainly in the cities in the South. This gives it an extremely low population density that when tied with a very high standard of living, make it a desirable, if expensive place to live.
The main industries of Sweden are Automotive, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Precision Manufacturing, Chemical Products, Home Appliances, Forestry and Timber, Iron and Steel, Mining and Paper Production. It also has a healthy Banking and Financial sector and due to its historical political stability it is considered a good place to invest.

Sweden has a highly skilled labour force and its engineering sector accounts for around 50% of the country’s GDP. New technology companies are continuing to drive growth and a business creativity fostered within largely private companies has led Sweden to be viewed as a ‘Talent Magnet’ for the world’s most purposeful workers by some analysts -

It continues to be a great exporter of goods and this is global renown is reflected in some of the names of the largest companies in Sweden – Volvo, Skanska, Electrolux and Scania not to mention the home furnishings company IKEA.

If you tie a social and economic success story with the beautiful landscape and modern urban design found in this Scandinavian giant you have a country worth taking notice of – technologists, engineers, chemists and creatives take heed.
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