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Measurement Team Lead

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Job Description

Measurement Team Lead

500,000-650,000 SEK


This role is responsible for leading the analytics/measurement initiative in the right direction, being the manager of the team members (3 people), delegating/supervising tasks and projects, and making sure that the company as a whole benefits from the team's knowledge and resources. If needed, this role has to be able to do hands-on work with high quality. The role is also responsible for keeping the team's client portfolio of Google Analytics 360 clients satisfied.

What will you be doing:

  • This role is likely involved in advanced internal/client projects. For other projects, this role is an internal project owner that makes sure that the team gets the right support, holds deadlines, and delivers qualitative results.
  • Projects you will be part of is revolved around advanced data collection and tracking implementation projects, internal education sessions, strategical meetings with current clients, personal initiatives.
  • Overview and implement the latest techniques and trends (if relevant) and push the boundaries of the area, maintain high overall quality and make sure that the team and employees reach their full potential.
  • This role monitors the workload and communicates/discusses potential clients and projects with internal sales representatives.
  • As a manager, the role is responsible for planning and holding feedback meetings and salary discussions with the team members. This role is not limited to defined responsibilities; it's important to take initiatives and suggest improvements.

Who they we are looking for:

  • You have most likely been doing hands-on analytics work for more than two years and are ready for the next step. This is important since hands-on work will still be necessary, and quality assurance of others can't really be made without having the right knowledge.
  • You most likely come from a technical background, preferably within analytics and/or marketing. Agency/consultancy experience is a big plus, as well as having had a leadership position.
  • Some of the must have skills in order to be able to perform well in the role is Google Analytics or similar tools, front-end technologies (such as HTML, JavaScript etc.), tag management, marketing tech, data analysis/exploration, account management, people and team leadership.
  • You are probably analytical, thoughtful, thorough (for the hands-on work), ambitious, innovative (for leading the area) and has the authority and interest to lead a team and manage people.
  • Nice to have skills would be more programming languages, web development, statistics, marketing platforms, conversion rate optimization. Strong technical background with skills in Python, SQL, APIs, data pipelines, automation etc.


Competitive salary up to 650,000 SEK + other benefits

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Salary Indication
500000kr - 650000kr per annum

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